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Selkirk Seaplane 118

Selkirk Seaplane 118

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It floats! It flies! It’s a Seaplane! This ski, inspired by the colossal snowfall of British Columbia, is your go-to when it’s time to stay afloat in the deepest powder that mother nature can serve up. Featuring our signature herringbone wood core, this ski is engineered to be as light as possible while maintaining its integrity to produce a perfect amount of float and stability in the deep stuff.



Tip: 132mm

Under boot: 98mm

Tail: 117mm



Directional rocker with early tip rise



In general a softer flex pattern for beginners and a moderate to stiff for skiers with more experience. More effort is required to bend a stiffer ski but the reward is improved control and smoother turns once a certain skill level is obtained. A softer ski is easier to control but you won't get the same energy back and the ski won't feel as crisp or have a "pop" that you would get with a stiffer flex pattern.



White Pine with aspen stringers and REVTECH vibration dampening layer

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