Our Process


Located in the heart of the Wasatch Range, Allred is a company built solely to create one-of-a-kind skiing experiences. Our approach is simple; old-school, hand-built craftsmanship, paired with innovative techniques and materials to create a pair of skis unlike any other. With a focus on sustainability, a collaborative customer experience, and obsessive attention to detail, we’ll build a pair of skis that are uniquely you.

Locally Sourced Sustainable Timber

We utilize Beetle Kill Pine and diseased Aspen to reduce buildup of dead wood in local forests. Additionally, a natural resin layup forges a sustainable bond with superior strength and longevity. All the wood is milled down here at our shop so we know we’re getting every little bit out of the timber that we possibly can. We feel pretty good about our ecological footprint here at Allred, and you should too when you get your skis!   

REVTECH™ Shock Absorbent Layer

REVTECH technology combines patented material science with unlimited design capabilities to provide unmatched impact and vibration protection, thereby reducing chatter for continuous performance down to -100°C. REVTECH is breaking barriers in the impact protection field so we knew integrating the material into our ski would give all of our riders the upper and smoother edge.   

Built for Each Body's Unique Needs

Physical therapy meets ski design with our biomechanical evaluation, which allows us to suggest strategies and ski features that reduce injury rate, optimizing your ski feel and ability. With 22 years of experience in the physical therapy world, we’ll get skis under your feet that feel good.

Like Nothing Else

With Allred, you are involved with the custom design process from start to finish. From precision CNC routing of virtually any shape of ski, to printing your very own graphics, the possibilities are limitless and they’re all for you. 



While old school, hand-crafted custom skis are our thing, don’t think we’ve left out the newest tech to keep these things on the cutting edge of the ski industry. We’ve partnered with REVTECH, a leading manufacturer for vibration dampening materials, to integrate their proprietary silicone-based material into our skis, giving you the smoothest ride imaginable. With this tech, our skis absorb vibration much more effectively than your average ski, leading to reduced chatter and allowing you to blast through any type of snow. 

Rev Tec 2 from Bunker Hill Media on Vimeo.